What is this course about?

This course is intended for people who use spreadsheets for data manipulation and have never programmed, but would like to learn how to work with R. Therefore its starts from the beginning: why use R? and where to start?

We propose to work with R in an orderly and reproducible way. For this reason, we present a workflow that allows those who take this course to apply good programming practices, work collaboratively and present their work in a single document that includes the analysis and the results.

Whenever we can, we will mention how what we propose to solve with R can also be done with spreadsheets and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

In each section we include activities along with examples. We want these exercises to be realistic so that anyone can find similarities in their own data and can apply what they have learned to other situations.

Before we start

During this workshop we will use RStudio Cloud. If you want to use your computer we will use R and RStudio. Please follow these instructions to prepare for the workshop.


This is a tentative time table.

Duration (minutes) Topics
55 Introduction, reports, workflows
5 Break
55 Reading and Plotting
5 Break
30 Data manipulation
20 Reporting your work
10 Q&A and goodbye

Who are we?

Yanina Bellini Saibene

Foto de Yani

Yanina Bellini Saibene, MS. She is the community manager of rOpenSci. She also develops software to support research and education. She is a professor at undergraduate and graduate levels in several universities in Argentina and Uruguay, teaching applied Data Science and developed open courses and tutorials to teach technical skills in data management. She is a trainer and instructor for The Carpentries and an RStudio certified instructor. She has trained teachers since 1996 through the Federal Network of Continuous Teacher Training (National Ministry of Education, Argentina). She is co-founder of MetaDocencia. She is part of the R-Ladies Global team, chair of several international conferences (user! 2021, LatinR, JAIIO), and an international keynote speaker. She also leads and participates in community translation of educational and technical material into Spanish, like Teaching Tech Together, R4DS, and The Carpentries Lessons.

yabellini.netlify.com | fosstodon.org/@yabellini

Pao Corrales

Foto de Pao Paola Corrales, MS. She has a PhD from the University of Buenos Aires. She studies atmospheric sciences applying data assimilation techniques to improve short-term forecasts of severe events in Argentina. She is a trainer and instructor for The Carpentries and an RStudio certified instructor. She has also contributed to translations projects of Carpentries’ materials and the book Teaching Tech Together. She is part of Expedition Science, an Argentina-based NPO, where she leads educational projects such as science camps and workshops for students and K-12 science teachers. She is also on Expedition Science Board since 2013 and serves as its treasurer. She is a professor at the Data Sciences degree and postgraduate courses at Guillermo Brown University. She also develops openly licensed materials to teach and learn R from scratch.

paobcorrales.github.io | fosstodon.org/@paocorrales


Creative Commons License
All materials in this course are under the license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

We are inspired and based on the following resources:

The source code for these materials and web page can be found at https://github.com/yabellini/fromSpreadSheetToR.